June 24

Hello World

Thanks for visiting my blog. This is my first shot at this kind of thing. If it's rough around the edges, please bear with me.

About Me

I'm a software developer for a large technology company in the Houston, Texas area. They contract me out to various companies in the Oil & Gas and Energy vertical markets. I prefer to work with the .NET Framework (ASP.NET mostly) and MS SQL Server, but I've been known to work on other things when the need arises.

"So what would you say, you do here?"

I've been doing the development thing for quite awhile now. There have been many times when I've had to go research how to do something. I've learned a lot from many different people out there on the web and now it's time to try to give some back to the community. I'll be blogging about some of the problems I come across and my approach to fixing them.

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